What are the Health Benefits of Semaglutide?

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What are the Health Benefits of Semaglutide?

by Joe Cohen

Wellness Director

Why has Semaglutide become a game-changer for safely losing stubborn body fat?


Combining better nutrition and more exercise is a simple plan for some people wanting to look and feel better. Others need a more comprehensive approach for safely losing stubborn body fat — and keeping it off. A program that is evidence-based, medically supervised, and FDA approved. One that empowers improving healthy lifestyle choices leading to sustainability.

Semaglutide has astounded medical researchers with results. Seventy percent of participants in studies averaged 15-20% total body fat loss. That’s more than twice the weight loss associated with any other FDA-approved medication.

There are three ways weight loss is achieved with Semaglutide. It decreases cravings and suppresses appetite. It promotes the feeling of fullness by slowing digestion. And it alters food preference by lowering the desire for high fat and high glycemic food. Results can be seen in a week or two when combined with a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity.

The long-term results range from reducing overall body fat, lowering blood sugar, and decreasing triglycerides to protecting the heart and decreasing cardiovascular disease. Other benefits include lowering blood pressure, promoting stomach health, and improving diabetes. As a glucagon-like-peptide 1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist effective for long-term weight management, it has been used for many years as an anti-diabetic medication. In fact, diabetic patients using it were also losing weight.

What the Experts Say


“I’ve achieved moderate and steady weight loss over the past several years by incorporating a Mediterranean diet, evidence-based nutraceuticals, and regular exercise,” said Bridget Rossi, Medical Director, San Marco Wellness. “But adding Semaglutide has over the past several months greatly improved and accelerated my results.” She also said she was amazed at her recent bloodwork and is excited about the progress her patients have been making.

“I’ve been on the program a few months and the process is super easy. My food cravings are gone, I’ve been able to limit the size of my meal portions, and I now eat smaller more frequent meals,” says Bert Kirkland, a patient of San Marco Wellness residing in Jacksonville, FL. “Aside from now having more energy, I began feeling the results after a few weeks and saw a big difference in the way my clothes fit. I’ve lost 35 pounds so far, which for me is about an 18% weight reduction.”

“I’ve known about Semaglutide awhile and have been recommending it to my patients,” says Ron Parawan, a Jacksonville based Nurse Practitioner with Family Care Partners. ”I like the comprehensive approach San Marco Wellness is using.” Parawan is an avid tennis player and a cyclist who has also been enjoying the benefits of intermittent fasting, another progressive approach to sustaining wellness.


A Sustainable Evidence-Based Program


The program provides a medically supervised evidence-based approach to help clients lose stubborn body fat and sustain optimal health. It includes personal wellness coaching to customize nutritional and fitness recommendations and ensure accountability, a key component for achieving sustainable success. The four 30-minute bi-monthly consultations with Joe Cohen, Wellness Director, include designing a comprehensive program and monitoring progress.

This comprehensive and multi-dimensional telehealth program has a unique approach. It addresses the four co-factors of the TDOS Syndrome: Toxicity, Nutritional Deficiencies, Overweight, and Stress. Along with FDA-approved Semaglutide, the program features a customized Mediterranean diet with three nutraceuticals from renowned formulator John Anderson. These recommended nutritional products include an organic New Zealand whey protein shake, an aloe vera-based cleanse juice and a multi-mineral adaptogen tonic. These products, which are optional but recommended due to their documented efficacy, are additional and come with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

There is a wide range of helpful information in the Resources section of the website. A host of evidence-based articles about the Mediterranean diet and recommended products is available. Information about TDOS Syndrome and TDOS Solutions — two groundbreaking books — is included. You’ll also find select low-calorie and easy-to-make Painless Mediterranean Diet Recipes by Philip Pablo.


Getting Started


Getting started on this program begins with a qualifying Zoom consultation with Wellness Director, Joe Cohen. The next steps include completing two medical consent forms and having a phone consultation with Medical Director, Bridget Rossi.

You will schedule your first coaching session with Wellness Director, Joe Cohen after completing your consultation with Medical Director, Bridget Rossi. Completing and submitting your Lifestyle Questionnaire before your first coaching session will provide ample background information to ensure an optimally productive session. Contact Joe Cohen at San Marco Wellness to get started today.

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