What are the TDOS Solutions?


What are the TDOS Solutions?

by Joe Cohen

Wellness Director

Did you know the TDOS Syndrome is the biggest — and most under the radar — superstorm in the history of human health and wellness? The rates of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease are increasing exponentially due to its effects. And too many of us are not aware of it or protecting ourselves.

The four co-factors are Toxicity, Nutritional Deficiency, Overweight, and Stress. The interconnectivity of these four individual co-factors plays a large role in sabotaging the body’s natural ability to function optimally. With understanding, we can begin to employ solutions.

Since TDOS Syndrome is a complex problem, we must look at it in two ways. First, by examining how each co-factor builds on the others and its power to magnify our collective health problems. Second, by picking apart each individual co-factor to see the effects of each one — and the havoc it wreaks. When you see the interconnectivity, you can understand the debilitating multiplier effect. Gaining this perspective can lead us to embrace the solutions.

TDOS Syndrome – When Toxicity, Nutritional Deficiency, Overweight, and Stress Collide to Threaten Our Health by Peter Greenlaw with Nicolas Messina, MD is an important book. It explains the four harmful co-factors and provides evidence for this syndrome.


The TDOS Solutions

It’s apparent we need to take a new approach to achieve optimal health. The reason is simple: the basic rules for getting healthy and sustaining wellness have changed. On one hand, it’s about removing toxins, excess pounds, and stress from our bodies. On the other, it’s about absorbing necessary nutrients and treating the body as a whole system rather than a collection of individual parts.

Weight loss, for example, can no longer be viewed as simply a process of losing pounds. And the techniques for weight reduction can’t only be targeted at shrinking the waistline. Since the body is a system, it requires solutions that are holistic and synergistic.

What is the most effective and multi-faceted approach to managing these problems? Exactly how can we take each co-factor and eliminate it — or reduce its influence on our ability to maximize our quality of life?

It begins with revolutionary nutritional technology and its application to reduce your toxic load. It underscores that reducing calories and performing exercise isn’t the most effective way to release weight — and keep it off. It’s an approach that has changed the lives of millions worldwide.


How The TDOS Solutions will Improve Your Health

Immune Support – Nutritional fasting (one of the key TDOS Solutions) and removing impurities from the body while replenishing it with vital nutrients can improve immune function and lessen immunity threats within the body.

Better Cellular Function – Our cells need essential nutrients and compounds to be healthy and communicate. Nutritional fasting delivers these nutrients and creates an environment where cells can effectively communicate and perform optimally.

Antioxidant Protection – Free radicals damage cells. Antioxidants fight free radicals and are a part of the TDOS Solution.

Weight Loss – It’s proven that weight loss decreases the chances of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. This increases your life expectancy, and following the TDOS Solutions leads to weight loss.

Weight Control – Nutritional fasting can help support the loss of excess fat and water and increase muscle mass. This stabilizes weight and prevents weight gain.

Enhanced Mental Abilities – A recent study revealed that mental abilities improve with weight loss. Most people who have implemented the TDOS Solutions into their life report weight loss, and therefore improved concentration and focus.

Enhanced Nutrition – The best way to take control of your health is through improved nutrition. One of the few things in life you can control is what goes into your body. And what goes into your body determines how well it looks and functions. TDOS Solutions offers a unique nutritional approach.

Less Food Cravings – As you nutritionally fast, it’s very common for your unhealthy food cravings to disappear. These cravings are replaced with satiety and a sense of well-being.

Better Digestion – The TDOS Solutions products deliver enzymes and other vital nutrients to your digestive tract. Your digestive system is replenished with good bacteria and enzymes to help with the breaking down and absorption of food.

Rejuvenation with Mineral Suites – The TDOS Solutions approach contains vitamins, nutrients, essential major minerals (macrominerals), and trace elements. These are key to a healthy body because cells can’t function properly without them. Minerals and trace elements are easily absorbed. Once they are in the body, they speed up innumerable cellular reactions.

Adaptogenic Support – Some of the approaches in the TDOS Solutions contain adaptogens, which have been used by Olympic Athletes for years. Adaptogens are agents (usual botanicals) that help the body “adapt” to physical and mental stress.

Premature Aging Protection – Nutrient deficiencies, impurities, and toxins can damage our cells and organs and lead to premature aging. Nutritional fasting slows the onslaught of toxins and creates a shield of protection for increased energy.


A Customized Medically Supervised Evidence-Based Approach

San Marco Wellness features a comprehensive multi-dimensional program that provides sustainable solutions to the TDOS Syndrome. We take a customized, medically supervised, and evidence-based approach that includes Semaglutide, a Mediterranean diet, nutritional cleansing, and fitness recommendations. Contact Wellness Director, Joe Cohen, to get started today.

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